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Have you ever wondered what it would be a Magician?

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Beginner Class Material

Why become a magician?

Why are you here?  Do you want to be a trickster and just learn a few tricks?  Would you like to audition for a local talent show?  Are you becoming a Magician because you are  seeking fame and fortune?  Do you just have to know?  This class is recommended for ages 10 and above but Big Patrick's Magic doesn't age discriminate so if you feel your child would like the class at a younger age all ages are welcome and adults are  encouraged sign up too. 

Developing a character

Big Patrick will help you choose a fun unique name for your act.  He will also teach you how to develop this character and choose appropriate effects in the future that portray your character's traits.

Approaching an Audience

Are you worried about how to approach people to show them your first trick?  Big Patrick will teach you key ways to get people to want to watch your magic.  Big Patrick will teach you ways to reel people in to have fun.  Big Patrick will show you ways to catch people off guard. 

The Magic

Each student will be able to perform about 10-15 minutes of magic after the class.  There are 6 effects that will be taught with coins, bills, cards, and rope.  All of the students will receive one on one instruction.  All of the necessary supplies are provided by Big Patrick's Magic.  A list of the effects and their explanations are given below.   

Private lessons are also available on a limited basis.

Big Patrick's Rare Collection Magic Show

Big Patrick is also a magic collector.  When you sign up for the class you will also be treated to a half an hour collector's piece show.  These are rare effects that have never been performed in public by Big Patrick and are part of his private home collection.  You would only see this at his studio.  No explanation will be given on these effects in order to preserve the rare secrets they hold.  

Pizza Party Ending

We will end the class by having a pizza party.  Pizza is Big Patrick's favorite food to eat! 

List of Effects To Be Taught

The Linking paper clips and rubber band.

Fold a dollar, a certain way, attach 2 paper clips and a rubber band, PRESTO they all will then link together magically.   Everything can be examined before and at the conclusion of the effect. 

The Vanishing coin comes out my nose...

Borrow a quarter from someone, make it disappear and then come out your nose!  I bet they let you keep the quarter.  So your investment is already paying off!

Pick a card any card...

Do you wonder how Magicians always know your card?  Learn a simple way to always know someone's card!   Everything can be examined before and at the conclusion of the effect.  Immediately repeatable with different results. 

Next One

 Have you ever wanted to win a bet?  Next one is a sure way to win a bet!  Impress your friends, make your brother do the dishes, or don't get conned by the guy who already knows this!      

Hocus Pocus

  Have you ever wanted to read someone's mind?  Reveal a mentally selected card using the magic words Hocus-Pocus!      Everything can be examined before and at the conclusion of the effect.   Immediately repeatable with different results every time.     

The Professor's Knightmare

Learn how to make 3 different size ropes all the same length.  You then can magically cut them into the 3 original lengths of rope.  Everything can be examined before and after the effect.

Private Lessons

A Beginner Private Lesson is Available also. The material is the same as the beginner class.

 Along with the above explained effects you will also receive one on one direction.  An evaluation of your magic skill level and advice on how to expedite your magic goals. and home in on skills.

You will be provided a close up matte for performing on

Cards, coins, bills,  and all the necessary supplies to perform the above effects

Knowledge of reputable magic suppliers 

Location of a nearby Magic Store you can visit

How to transport magic effects

Advice on product purchases  you are considering

Advice on how to put on a small show yourself


Big Patrick's Magic Class

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A minimum of 10 students is required to hold the class and the class is limited to a 30 student maximum class size.    Should demand dictate a second class should be held in an area we can.  Parents are welcome to attend the class; however, should they want the supplies and individual instructions they would need to sign up also.  Each student receives individual instructions and directions in order to perform the listed effects successfully by the end of the class.  All materials are provided by Big Patrick.   Big Patrick will also perform a 30 minute show after the class.  It is a collector's piece performance which will feature rare collectors pieces that are not featured in any of his shows.  There will be a pizza party at the conclusion of this show.   The class date and location will be named soon.  Please call us if you would like to arrange a class at your location.